Magura sport climbing 1

Sport climbing crags of Romania - (1) Magura

The varied relief of Romania hosts over one hundred crags where sport climbing may be enjoyed. Easy routes, difficult routes, warm rocks bathed in sunshine or
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The system of trails in the Romanian Carpathians

Where I am allowed to hike and on which trails? Are there any restrictions?  How do I guide myself while on trail? How do I
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Stride Preferred Designation

Alpine Adventure Romania receives 'Stride Preferred Designation'

We are happy to announce that Alpine Adventure Romania was selected as Stride Preferred operator on leading tour and reviews marketplace, Stride Travel. Stride is the
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Risks while hiking the Romanian Carpathians

As a thumb rule, troubles in the mountains happen not because the mountain is dangerous and unpredictable but because we either are unprepared or we
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One tour more adventure activities

The list of the highest peaks of Romania - over 2500 m

If you take a look at the map of, lets’ say Central and Eastern Europe searching for the highest peaks of every country you will
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Planning a route in Romanian Carpathians

You always need to document and plan a route wherever in this world the mountain is. In doing this you need to take into account
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Mountain Shelter in Piatra Craiului

Where to spend your nights in the mountains while hiking in Romania

Guesthouses, motels and hotels at the foot of the mountains are not the topic here. You will find them at the foot of every mountain.
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Camping in Romanian Carpathians

Campers are still a privileged species here in Romania. Except some easily identifiable locations, such as reservations and parks - which have their own rules
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5 Reasons to Backpack Carpathians

Five Reasons to Backpack the Romanian Carpathians

Did you know that about 30% of Romania is mountain landscape? Did you know that Transylvania, listed by the Lonely Planet as the best world
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